I worked out in my flower gardens a couple of days last week. I have only one more garden to weed and then they will all be weed free for a few days. The weather was perfect for working outside, temperatures in the 70s and low 80s with low humidity. Beautiful!

I picked three more cucumbers from my vegetable garden last week and I plan on picking my green beans on Monday. I hear that blackberries are ready to be picked this week.

Tropical Storm Isaias, which was a hurricane when it came on shore in South Carolina on Tuesday morning, came right up the eastern side of the United States and right up through Vermont on Wednesday. Widespread flooding was forecast for most of Vermont. Thankfully we didn’t get the bad flooding. Some trees came down in some areas and some people lost their electricity for a little while. We were fine here in Waterville. Even though we didn’t get much of the storm this time it is still good to be prepared for the worse. One never knows when a bad storm will hit. You just have to be ready each time a warning is issued.


The annual Corn Hole Tournament took place on the Village Green Sunday afternoon. The owner of Waterville Market, Sheila, puts this on every year in appreciation to all her customers. Nineteen people participated and there were a number of people who watched. I heard that it was a close game at the end.

The winning team was Border Stephens and Manny (Jamie Lafountain’s co-worker at MSI). Congratulations.


On Tuesday I took Steve to a doctor’s appointment to see about his foot. He had fallen about a week ago and hurt his foot and also his ribs. The doctor sent him over to Copley to have his foot and ribs x-rayed. The doctor called the next day and said that Steve had broken a small bone in his foot. His ribs, however, were not broken, just badly bruised. That part was good to hear. The doctor thought that his foot would heal on its own but he should keep it up as much as possible and not walk on it any more than necessary.

Steve and I went to Burlington on Thursday. We had a picnic at Perkins Pier, which is down on Lake Champlain. Another beautiful day and evening. Afterwards we went to visit my sister, Norma and her daughter, Chris.

I made an apple pie for Lorenda Dunham on Saturday. She was the other person I picked to make a pie for at our church. I delivered it to her at church on Sunday.

Our family ate our Sunday meal at Mark and Jenn’s on Sunday. It was their turn to cook the meal. I brought the dessert, which was no bake cookies and vanilla ice cream.

Paul and Rhoda spent the night up at Bruce’s camp on Lake Eden Sunday night.

My cat died a year and a half ago. I’ve been wanting a yellow cat for my next cat. Amanda, from town, told me that they had some newborn kittens about a month ago and one of them had my name on it. It’s a yellow kitten. I called her Saturday and she said that the kitten should be ready to come to our house in a week or two. I’m so excited. I’m ready for another cat. This will be our 6th cat.

A happy birthday goes to Devin Lafountain on Aug. 16, to Merilyn Clinger on Aug. 18 and to Donna Tobin on August 20.

A happy anniversary goes to Roy and Trista Hutchins on Aug. 14.

— Susan Davis, 644-5111


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