Some of the Christmas lights in town are now gone but not all of them. I like seeing them for a while after Christmas.

Megan Miller, from Colorado, is visiting for a little while at Merilyn Clinger’s. Megan is Merilyn’s granddaughter.


Steve, Ruth and I got up real early Tuesday, Jan. 5. We had to leave our house a little before 7 a.m. that day to take Ruth to the airport to fly back to Kentucky. It was good having her here for two weeks. I hated to see her leave.

Ruth arrived safely in Lexington. She had an hour drive before she got home. She couldn’t fit some items into her suitcase so I put them together in a package and mailed them to her on Friday. She should have left a few more items out because when they weighed her suitcase at the airport it was over 50 pounds. She ended up paying $100 for it instead of $30.

While Ruth was here she and I put together a 650-piece puzzle of Dallas Montgomery’s covered bridge, which is just up the road from our house. We put it together in one afternoon.


Our son came up and took our Christmas tree out on Saturday. I had all the ornaments and lights taken off before he came. Now I have to take care of my other Christmas decorations and bring out my snowmen.


With the chilly weather, I made corn chowder with corn bread on Friday. I found out that Edna made corn chowder also this last week. Great to have in cold weather.

Our noon meal on Sunday was at Rhoda and Paul’s house, our daughter and son-in-law. It was my birthday so Rhoda made a delicious beef stew meal and we had a gluten-free chocolate cake for dessert. It was a delicious meal. I spent a quiet afternoon at home after the meal.

A happy birthday goes to Carol Towle on Jan. 17.

— Susan Davis, 644-5111


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