On Wednesday, Jan. 27, the Johnson Conservation Commission will hold a virtual townwide meeting from 6-8 p.m. to find out what places and spaces in Johnson are the most important to you?

Help identify special spots at a virtual Community Values Mapping Event hosted by the conservation and planning commission, with assistance from the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. This will be a town-wide event looking at all of Johnson, not just town-owned lands. Using today’s technology on a shared map of Johnson, townspeople will highlight the areas and places they use or appreciate.

“Whether it’s a viewing area, a hunting spot, a trail, a brook, a waterfall, forest land, a town building or some other special place, what is of value to you is important to us,” said Lois Frey of the conservation commission.

To receive more information or to sign up, contact Frey at volunteerlois7263@gmail.com or 635-7826. Also, Kim Dunkley, Eric Nuse, and Noel Dodge can provide information.

Nuse adds this timely comment: “The information gathered from this event and the followups will be very helpful for the planning commission and the conservation commission in prioritizing efforts to preserve and enhance the natural resources of Johnson that are valued by all of you. Help us identify the areas you value and love in Johnson so your children and their children will also be able to enjoy them.

“As opposed to what we see nationally, this is democracy and civic engagement in action. Please consider joining and helping out.”

— Sue Lovering, 635-8315


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