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They say in Vermont, wait a minute and the weather will change. That certainly happened last week. On Saturday, Jan. 11, it was 58 degrees and by Sunday it was snowing and in the 20s. As the week progressed, we had burst of snow off and on and then on the weekend, Jan. 18-19, we got a lot of…

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Another week, another snowstorm. This feels like a winter that was slow to start, but now that it’s here, it’s giving us everything it’s got.

Ever wonder what Johnson’s Main Street looked like before shopping centers came along? It was a much more “Vermont village” sort of place, with well-maintained homes and small stores, lawns and flowers, and plenty of shade trees along both sides. It was lovely.

Huzzahs and eureka!! Johnson will soon have a big new claim to fame. The tree board has begun laying the foundation for the Johnson Arboretum, to be planted in what’s now the 3-acre Nelson Duba Field along the Gihon — and it will be marvelous.

There sure has been a lot of different weather — snow, rain, wind, you name it. The animals don’t know what to do. I have seen skunks alive and dead in the last two weeks.

The card party on Saturday, Jan. 11, was canceled due to the weather. It was raining, with the chance of freezing rain and flooding that night. It was also very foggy out. It will resume again this Saturday at 7 p.m. at the Waterville Town Hall.

The snow comes, the snow goes. It’s been that kind of winter. Although, after talking to someone from Eden on Friday, and learning they’d received a foot of snow to the 1 or 2 inches we got in the river valley, I was not unhappy at the way it went. We also lucked out and avoided the ice that…

Now that the holidays are behind us and the season of “what do we do for fun now?” is upon us, we have no fears because Johnson’s busy town committees are on the job.

Another year has gone by and a new year is now here. So far we have had a little snow, some rain and icy roads. Temperatures have been a little above normal, in the 40s until Sunday, when it was in the 20s and was very windy. It looked like winter again Sunday afternoon.

A belated happy 60th birthday to David May. David has quietly contributed his time to the community for many years, from Boy Scouts to the Fish and Game Club, and now the Eagles. Kudos and thanks to him for all he’s done to make this town a better place.

Christmas has come and gone for another year. I got everything ready on time except for my candies and breads that I give away. They were all made before Christmas but I didn’t have time to deliver them all until Christmas Day and from then to Saturday.

Happy New Year, Johnson! A new blank slate stands before us, ready for us to fill it with community life. Aside from the ultra-popular “I’ve just gotta lose weight” resolution, consider this, from author Karel Capek, who considers gardening and life: “You must give more to the soil than you …

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