Jeffersonville is developing into quite the little food hub, especially on Wednesdays, the day of the Jeffersonville Farmers’ and Artisan Market, and on the weekends, when three food trucks fill the west side of the Smugglers’ Notch Distillery lot, across from Burger Barn.

There were high marks last Tuesday for an over-the-top Tuesday Night Live and low marks for the thunder and lightning that ended it early. Johnson native Chris Lyon and his band were also sensational. The historical society sold all its hot dogs and almost all its pie when the weather broke an hour and a half after things got underway. Thunderstorms are the only reason Tuesday Night Live will shut down, due to the danger from lightning.

It was my turn to open the library last Tuesday. Steve decided to come down with me. Jenn and our grandkids came in while I was there. They had fun picking out some books to take home to read.

I got my blueberries covered not a moment too soon last week. Two robins and a blue jay flew away as I approached with the netting, so I think they had probably snagged the earliest ripening berries. I didn’t have time to pick until Friday, but when I did, the berries were plentiful and tasty, and I finished with probably 10 cups of berries from our three bushes.

We had some soaking rain Saturday night into Sunday. We needed it. We also had a couple of other mornings with rain, but we didn’t get as much as this last weekend. My vegetable garden really liked the rain.

How about those sidewalks? The new walks on Pearl Street look swell and have elicited lots of positive feedback. One village resident remarked that he finds it terrific that folks can walk all the way to the arboretum from the village, off the road, which is so much safer.

Fortunately, Tropical Storm Elsa missed us. We need the rain but not a downpour. A gentle rain throughout a day or two would be good. The northern half of Vermont is now in a moderate drought.

One of the things I appreciate about the dropping of masks is how much easier impromptu conversations have become. Last month I shared one that happened in a strawberry patch. This past week, I had another in the Jericho Market. This one reminded me that I am not the only one who has found the clearing out of the family home a time of many mixed and intense emotions. Sometimes knowing that others have felt the same thing you do is all you need to feel less alone. (Mind you, this is not the first time I have sorted a house, but your in-laws’ house is not the same as your parents’, I hav…

The Belvidere Community Club held its meeting last week, deciding to hold Old Home Day in August. There will be music and games for all throughout the day. The food booth will offer great snacks and a parade will take place as well.

We started out the week with very hot, humid weather, temperatures in the 90s. I ran our air conditioning and fans 24/7 for four straight days. Then came the thunderstorms and the weather changed, temperatures in the 60s with no humidity. I was cold. I wonder what we’ll have for weather this week.

It was delightful to see and catch up with so many people in person on the 4th, as delightful as it was to welcome the parade back. While the number of entries was lower than in the past, there was a good cross-section of participants, from emergency service trucks and crews from Cambridge and neighboring towns to floats and classic cars.

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