Hail and farewell to Marguerite Ladd, Cambridge’s first town administrator. Marguerite leaves us for a position Essex after two and a half years of service. We were lucky to have had someone of her caliber, with her high degree of people skills.

The new year started out very uneventful. Our family, Steve, Ruth and I, spent a quiet evening at home on New Year’s Eve. All we did was watch TV and a little before midnight we watched the ball drop in Times Square on TV and ate some snacks.

I can’t remember when I was gladder to take down one year’s calendar, but here we are in 2021. One thing I am grateful for: my husband, a registered nurse at University of Vermont Medical Center, received his first round of the COVID vaccine on the last day of 2020. That already put this yea…

My family and I are Christmas Eve service goers, and this year was no exception. With my aged mother joining us in the glow of our one candle, while we attended the Second Congregational Church’s service via Zoom, I was reminded that some things are easier this year.

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It’s a sad but unavoidable fact that there has been a drain of quality leadership in Johnson lately and the past two weeks have seen another example of it. The local upheaval of the last several months has worn out the patience of town and village officials and many, many citizens who make u…

Last week I asked for your “silver linings” of 2020. I’ve got an early deadline this week, so I’m extending that invitation through the first week of 2021. I’ve heard from one person and would be happy to share more. (My own will close this column.)

There are two good pieces of news in this Christmas season of good cheer. Congratulations are extended to Johnsonite Rhoda McLure, who has graduated from the Vermont School Leadership Project, Class of 2020. She’s the principal of the Bakersfield Elementary and Middle School.

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