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Our heat wave finally ended on Wednesday last week. Temperatures are now more seasonal, about in the upper 70s, low 80s. It feels so much better.

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As of July 1, all food scraps are supposed to stay out of the trash that goes to the landfill. While the News & Citizen has been good about updating people about what to do if you live in one of the towns whose transfer station is operated by Lamoille Regional Solid Waste District (LRSWD…

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It’s Independence Day and most of us feel anything but, what with enforced solitude and missing the normal social events of the season. Whoever heard of no fireworks on July 4? If only that were the only thing missing from our lives.

The cool temperatures of two weeks ago have disappeared and now we are in a heat wave. Burlington had 90-degree weather for four days in a row. We now need rain for our gardens.

Isn’t it great when things go normally in these uncertain times? The village crew has done just that by sweeping the streets, setting up picnic tables on the green, painting crosswalks, and hanging Main Street’s flags, signs and banners. Johnson has her summer duds on again; it’s so comforting.

After much consideration and deliberation, Cambridge Area Rotary came to the difficult decision that the traditional Fourth of July parade and fair needed to be canceled.

Last week was relatively cool, and on Saturday it never got above the 50s. That’s too cool for this time of year. I was freezing to death all weekend.

“The committee agreed that Tuesday Night Live is not necessarily canceled. The committee is remaining flexible and may do something later in the summer.”

First a correction: Last week the past tense was incorrectly used. The animal hospital at Lamoille View Lane, off Cemetery Road in Jeffersonville, is still very much in business.

Congratulations to all the new high school and sixth-grade graduates and their families. While you missed out on many of the traditional celebrations, yours were unique celebrations in the true sense of that word, at least so we hope. You will have stories to tell for years.

Green Up Day was a pretty quiet affair but one trash-picking story stands out: Michael Mahnke and Kyle Nuse’s girls, Olive and Pepper, given the choice of places they’d like to clean up, decided to take a public park in hand (and bag) and spiff it up.

We had some great weather last week, and I was able to work in my vegetable garden. It is all planted except for four vegetables. They would have all been planted Saturday but it started to rain when I was in the garden, so I had to quit. Next: my flower gardens.

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