• May 21, a daughter, Noelle Charlotte Allen, born to Chelsea Bushnell and Jeremy Allen, Morrisville.

• May 18, a daughter, Kover Maryline Godfrey, born to Stephanie Miller and Brandon Godfrey, Morrisville.

• April 17, a son, Sanford Paul Witmer, born to Nelson and Wilma (Martin) Witmer, Hyde Park.

• April 26, a son, Jace Patrick Dubie, born to Dakota and Abby (Harrington) Dubie, Morrisville.

• March 27, a son, Walter Beckett Opuszynski, born to Walter and Kyle (Lewis) Opuszynski, Adamant.

• April 15, a son, Luke Forrest Hoadley, born to John and Kayla (Welch) Hoadley, Johnson.

• Feb. 27, a daughter, Nevaeh Morgan Rathburn, born to Bridget Sheltra and Zachariah Rathburn, Jeffersonville.

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• Feb. 6, a daughter, Ember Lee Kribstock, born to Simon and Candace (Dague) Kribstock, Hyde Park.

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• A son, Benjamin Thomas William Ballard, was born to Samantha and Dylan Ballard, of Eden, on Feb. 16, 2021, at Copley Hospital.

• Jan. 21, a daughter, Sofia Marie Matten, born to Samantha Wetherell and Devin Matten, Johnson.

• January 25, a son, Oliver Duncan Yaratz, born to Travis and Charity (Miller) Yaratz, Johnson.

• Nov. 27, a daughter, Brynley Carol Dolan, born to Keisha Bell and Austin Dolan, Johnson.

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Adley Mae Keough was born Dec. 9, 2020, at 7:40 a.m. at Copley Hospital to Nicole Keough and Keith Stevens-Reil of Wolcott.

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