Stowe voters frustrated with decades of watching the state take most of their property tax money might have another option to offset some of that.


A woman who dealt with debilitating trauma after the loss of her spouse and child finally found long-term housing earlier last month after two years living in emergency hotel housing made possible by pandemic-era federal funding.

A South Burlington businessman and landlord has been arrested on a federal felony charge that he lied to a licensed gun dealer during the purchase of a firearm for a drug dealer, officials said.

One of Morristown’s most prolific housing developers is pulling two dozen apartments off the open market and selling them to an organization that will ensure they will remain forever affordable to low-income renters.

A recently issued state land use permit may have given Morristown permission to finally start digging into a new part of its gravel pit, but that green light may have come with too many red flags.

A state court on Nov. 17 issued an order in a lawsuit filed by Shelburne’s former zoning and planning director Dean Pierce against the town and its town manager Lee Krohn over a slew of public records requests that he claimed were improperly denied.

Col. Bud Ockert opened his Shelburne Veterans Day presentation by reading the Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist and war correspondence Ernie Pyle’s definition of a veteran.

A dragon has found its new home on Hutchins Street in downtown Morrisville at Village Center Apartments, an affordable housing development by Lamoille Housing Partnership.

While it’s easy to identify gray squirrels by sight, however, recognizing the various sounds they make is more complicated. Their vocalizations — squeaks, moans, buzzes, barks and clucks — can sound like noises made by cats, chickens, jays, catbirds, even ducks.

Efforts to build a 150kW solar array on Hinesburg’s landfill are proceeding, but after discovering contaminated drinking water emanating from the landfill last year, the selectboard remains hesitant to commit to its completion and will ultimately decide on the project at its next meeting.

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