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Amid all the numbers and reports, the annual reports that town officials put together every year typically include dedications to people who have made an impression in the community.

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Along with February report cards, South Burlington elementary school principals sent a letter asking families to accept the reality that it is unlikely kids will catch up to academic benchmarks by June.

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The nine towns that belong to either the Lamoille North or Lamoille South school district approved all of their spending measures for next year.

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Mae Jowers entered this world in the early part of the 20th century, during the Roaring 20s. With the pluck befitting a born-and-raised Vermonter, the lively Jowers began her second century Feb. 25.

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A historic barn in Morrisville awaits a new purpose. The Morrisville Rotary has made the barn project the 2021 recipient of its annual Polar Splash fundraiser, er, Polar Non-Splash this year.

Weekly Calendar

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, many events and activities have been canceled, postponed or transitioned to a digital format; but, as life begins a return to normalcy, we are bringing back the weekly calendar, which will detail both virtual and in-person events.

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