Democratic Lt. Gov. Molly Gray concluded a tour of Lamoille County last week with a visit with Stowe restaurateur Mark Frier and a call for more federal funds to assist restaurants still recovering from losses suffered during the state’s pandemic lockdown.

Dave Wheeler shrugged into an orange rain jacket before hiking down a rocky slope toward Muddy Brook. He gestured up, to the Kimball/Marshall bridge rattling with cars, and below to a massive hole where a 15-foot culvert used to be.


Cooper is retiring tonight, Thursday, Aug. 5, and his friends are throwing him a barbecue. The Transportation Security Administration team at Burlington International Airport are bidding farewell to their favorite co-worker, Cooper, an explosive detection canine who has worked at the airport since 2017.

A proposed change to Greensboro’s zoning bylaws allowing development of a steep hillside east of Lake Eligo has prompted impassioned input from both supporters hoping to promote conservation in the area and developers looking to cash in on the land.

The Clarina Howard Nichols Center turned 40 years old in June, and its director is hard put to estimate just how many people the center has served over those four decades.


“We bubbled,” said Holly Crawford. She wasn’t describing how she and her sister Kathy Archer celebrated National Sisters Day Sunday.

Despite the hope these are the penultimate days of the COVID crisis, the Champlain Valley Water District treatment facility is still not open for group tours, but general manager Joe Duncan did agree to a tour around the plant for one.


A $225,000 grant from the Vermont Housing and Conservation Board should plant the seed for the Vermont Land Trust and the town of Hinesburg to grow the Hinesburg Town Forest by 25 percent with the purchase of 291 acres from the Carse family.

Wisely, Lt. Gov. Molly Gray kept her remarks short at the Charlotte Town Party on Saturday. The food hadn’t been served when Gray spoke. Charlotters were restless. And hungry.

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